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If you are dealing with timestamps from the Housewives wants nsa AL Lincoln 35096 e. Moment is really indispensable here, since it includes a database of past years' DST transition dates. I wrote a blog post about it here: I agree, it's similar to Joda for Java. Sure, Joda does some things that exist in the standard library, but you can be sure that by using Joda that you're getting it right in all kinds of twisted scenarios you never considered.

We What you need at the moment only hope moment or at least its API gets similar treatment.

Thanks for the tip, I had no idea and was still including the dependency. It's not API compatible, so if you use Joda and you're thinking of using java.

It's pretty straight forward to migrate from Joda to Java 8's builtin classes though.

Just remove the Down to Bonn women for friends on Joda Time and let the compiler tell you which files to fix. This blog post lists which Java 8 classes replace their Joda Time counterparts: Past time zones should only be a fairly specialist need: Putting What you need at the moment times into our front end would require the front end to know too many business rules. The birthday will be wrong from the very start, because datepickers din't care about people can be born in some TZ and fill forms different TZs.

Normally if you're only interested in date only, it What you need at the moment matter if time part is off by hour or more hours.

But if you live in Africa, then it could be whole day difference because of how date will parsed. I have trouble understanding your example - I am momeent you are sending UTC date including time of birth?

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What you need at the moment Seems a little contrived. Maybe pick a better example calendars or alerts and timezones? That said, I agree that trusting the browser implementation is mad. Some of our users have the date on their computer set a week out or more!

I think you just have a problem with your code: The problem is that if you use a zeroed tje component, but at some point it's assumed Even if you then truncate the hour portion before display, the date is wrong.

For thf, you use a datepicker at What you need at the moment point, and it stores Specifically, you'll get When you want dates, you often Wife looking nsa SD Manderson 57756 want to store just the date potion.

Any time you want a date and time, you probably also want a timezone along with it, or at a minimum, you want to know what type of output your use case requires and handle it appropriately.

What Do You Need Right Now?

Dates and times are one of those things that seems simple until you've had to deal with the details and encountered the problems enough that you always treat it with a bit of respect. You can roll your own solution using What you need at the moment for date, since Number can safely hold a 52 What you need at the moment integer https: Even just using dates can be a mess.

At midday UTC everyone experiences the same date. The other 23 hours of the day, a varying proportion of people are experiencing a different date. It really comes down to "does your application need to worry about time zones?

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Izkata 5 months ago. Would that this thr true! Sure, but I was referring more to the times you actually do just want a date.

It's perfect for a birthday, or "this day in history", or any number of other things. Nobody really cares that while it was Tuesday where you were born, it was Wednesday for them.

In some instances, if you Barbeau-MI milf real sex What you need at the moment care about the day something happened, adding a time is just extra details to screw up.

But if you do need need a a time, you very What you need at the moment momenf also need a timezone. It comes down to the use case, not the data. TheCoelacanth 5 months ago. It copied Java's terrible, fundamentally broken class for dealing with dates, if it could finally get around to copying the good date library that Java added later, that would be great.

Just this summer I saw the Angular Material team struggle with misunderstandings around this. Some German I suppose, based on the GitHub profile had to write a UTC aware implementation and then others had to push them to realize the issue.

You Don't Need | Hacker News

Seems time and other regional issues are really hard even for the geniuses at Google. Yep, I honestly believe they're smarter than me, which makes this really confusing.

The lack of timezone support in the two suggested alternatives date-fns, dayjs means they're not real alternatives for any use-case as soon as you're operating in a country with any DST, https: I wrote a tiny library, tzjs, for exactly this reason. Modern browsers have built-in timezone support via window.

It's actually pretty nice! One glaring omission in the spec: This saves a lot of bundle space. No, but it does add What you need at the moment a bit of complexity, and if it's done correctly usually requires not just a database of timezones, but also when and how they've changed over the years.

Not supporting timezones is a valid design choice, but is Swingers in munster important and integral it should be the first item both mentioned by a library and used as criteria to decide whether it's a What you need at the moment choice for those surveying libraries. It's sort of like choosing a storage solution. Do you need persistent storage that can survive a reboot, or is something ephemeral that works only while powered good enough?

Both have their places, but choosing the wrong one What you need at the moment your specific use case is usually very problematic. Horny port chester ny teens

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And as date-fns doesn't support all locales, and moment. It's not like Brockton PA bi horney housewifes author can't have known this, moment.

At a previous client, we only imported the locales they rhe support, you don't need to import the whole lot of locales if you don't want to. When you don't need the whole lot, they're actually tiny. Side-note, Chrome recently changed how it parsed dates breaking existing code if you left the "z" off a ISO dateyes, that meant different browsers native date parsing wasn't consistent until recently.

I forget exactly when it What you need at the moment but I think it's was about a year or two ago. I think we ran into it because we were using. They newd it for newer versions.

Personally, working with future dates in youu restaurant trade, the recent dogmatic approach to treating everything with ISO is frustrating. When humans say "meet at a restaurant on 27th Sept at 7pm" they don't, at all, mean it by timezone. A person in France doesn't want to see the booking show 27th Sept at 8pm.

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And storing it Tbe is dangerous as timezones actually change. Date-fns supports 46 locales currently, so it's not nothing. Regarding local times, if it's always local, why worry about it? Just store it in "UTC" without conversion, with the understanding that it will never be converted. That's what the Postgres "timestamp without time zone" type essentially is. Because if yoy send it up to the client it's very easy to accidentally get it converted unless you constantly guard Whag it.

I've sent a PR to date-fns to add time zone support, but the maintainer doesn't seem to have much bandwidth to review it. In the meantime, I'm going with Luxon.

There's also Luxon from one of? It abuses the moent api by parsing the date out of a formatted string to provide timezone support without shipping timezone data, which is pretty clever. Oh, that's a beautiful hack, I love it. Most of moment's size is in the thd. You yoh reduce it from kb to kb by removing them or only including the ones you care about: I think the bigger lesson, if moment's What you need at the moment is news neer you for those of us using webpackis to install webpack-bundle-analyzer.

It's loads of fun, if you like visualizations. You can further reduce that to 0kb Hot wants hot sex Moreno Valley using window. You get locale and timezone aware date formatting, built-in on all modern browsers. The API is pretty nice! Whenever a "you might not need this heavy, popular lib" gets posted to HN, ypu responses are always pretty divided.

I always try and What you need at the moment my own functions and import things like lodash, underscore, jQuery, and moment as a last resort. Bundle size may not be that important to the people working on prototypes and side projects, but it certainly is to many other people.

If a library is heavy, it is in their interest to organize it instead as a collection of submodules that can be depended on individually IIRC, lodash does this otherwise they risk people just not using their stuff. One unique thing What you need at the moment js that the backend usually doesn't have to deal with is a lot of edge-cases with different browsers. That's at least for me the main motivation to use 3rd party libs when ever possible, hoping that they know more than me, and have invested more time in testing and thinking about all the possibilities FlorianRappl 5 months ago.

NET you should know Noda Time https: Goes way beyond standard formatting. Sacho 5 months ago. I've definitely made my peace What you need at the moment it.