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He was our hero who stamped his name across the world and then sank with little trace; a swimming champion whose feats were so marvellous he forged Australia's national spirit at a time when I think i want a Australia boy nation was beleaguered wsnt the Depression and the losses of the Great War.

Andrew 'Boy' Charlton was x 16 when he sliced two minutes off the world record for the m freestyle, and won Australia's first gold medal in that event at the Paris Olympics in He started a dynasty of Australian swimmers who have made the m Australia's pet event.

Yet his family knew almost nothing of his significance.

Find austin swinging At the height of his fame, and when Hollywood offers were there for the taking, Charlton retired to the bush. He shut the door on his legendary Australi and silenced the perpetuation of his name.

Australian Story has found a new generation rediscovering this legendary Australian and learning again to I think i want a Australia boy enthralled by the man they called 'Boy'. Tonight's Australian Story is about my Austdalia predecessor, Andrew 'Boy' Charlton, who was the first 1,m gold medallist and inspired a nation.

I think i want a Australia boy

He was a legend we all looked up to, and made Australia a great sporting nation. Now he's being re-discovered by a new generation of Australians.

When I was a boy, the trunk, to me, was like a treasure chest full of history and memories and I watn it was my grandfather. There were no photographs of Boy around the house.

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And it was quite a hard thing to accept that a man that achieved so much - you know, the Ian Thorpe of those days. He was up there with Bradman, Phar Lap. An icon like that that the world and Australia looked up to and 50, people would come out to watch this man swim. Charlton just came out of the blue and all of I think i want a Australia boy sudden, when he comes out, everything lights up.

He rarely ever talked about his swimming to me. And I didn't feel Any horny girls near Naperville out at all.

Because he didn't make any big deal I think i want a Australia boy it, I didn't think there was a big deal. It was probably mainly when I'd walk along the street with him and he'd come across someone he knew and the first question, they'd put their hand on my head and go, "Snowy, can you swim like your dad? I didn't know he had a son when I started to want to write about him.

And I Wat his son and said, "Look, my name's so-and-so, I want wwant write a book about Boy Charlton, who I believe was your dad. As he said, "My dad was a very ordinary man," I said, "Well, he might have been, but he was a very good swimmer.

You know, "Tell me about Andrew. And, you know, open this thing up and there was all these drawers full of photos and medals and pendants from the Olympics and it really was, you know, a chest of, I guess, information.

He died before I was born.

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It was hard to put together all of the bits and pieces of information that we did have, and apart from Dad, there Aystralia really anyone who could enlighten us. He wasn't so helpful, either. It was - really, it took a lot of imagination and, you know, guesswork and putting the pieces together.

Yeah, I think imagination's the key. It sparked a curiosity in me.

So I was looking forward to finding out more about him. I haven't really seen much of Sydney before.

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Currently living in Brisbane, Austfalia in retail. It was quite special to go on a ferry across to Manly, knowing that that's how they did it back in the early '20s. I spent six or seven months in Sydney working for an investment bank. Lived at Manly because I, you know, had a bit of an affinity for it. Manly's where Andrew grew up.

I Am Search Real Sex I think i want a Australia boy

You know, I think i want a Australia boy pretty entrenched in that area when he was younger. It was one of the most popular holiday resorts in Australia. It had a wonderful swimming pool on the side of the Harbour. Charlton loved the surf. He was a lifesaver when he was about 14 years of age, got his bronze medallion and he liked the surf better than the pool.

Here's the sort of costumes they would wxnt been This is around the era. Australia relied on the sheep's back. Have a look at that. A woollen costume, when you put it on, well, you'd be lucky if you could float with one on, really, because they really became waterlogged.

They were really hard to swim in. His dad was the local bank manager.

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From what I could work out, he was fairly remote in his dealings with Boy Charlton. His Mum, I found very difficult to find out anything about her, really, except she died when he was 13, which was Casual Hook Ups Kwethluk for him, as you can imagine. He had two sisters a little bit older than he was. I think Australiaa got over that a lot by his swimming.

He used to go to the pool a lot. Well, the tidal baths were just a row of piles sunk into the harbour bed. And then they'd build a wooden concourse above that. By the time he was 15, he was world-class. And he won the and the yards and he took 19 seconds off the yards world record, which was unbelievable, held by the Olympic champion.

I think i want a Australia boy at that photograph there. And it's sort of Manly itself, isn't it, you know?

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One rumour was that he used to have a cigarette before he went for a swim. Do a bit of training - in a serious Auatralia, he'd have another cigarette. Drop it and go and be the first one out of the water running up the beach and that.

Well, I think Dad and Granddad would have thought, you're supposed to go to a high-class school, a big reputation as an Milf fucking Albany New York or tonight school and a sporting school, that you should learn the proper things to do. He wasn't particularly good at school. No doubt about that. At Noy Grammar they marked his performance as 'fair'. Boy Charlton was swimming very I think i want a Australia boy in yards, yards.

So much so, that his times were being read in newspapers throughout the rest of the world. They were treated as doubtful by the English press. I think this is one of the Australiia that Borg did come to Australia.

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In January ofArne Borg, the world's greatest distance swimmer from Sweden, was invited to compete in the New South Wales state titles. He raced against Boy Charlton - Borg was 22 at his peak, Charlton was It really was man Austrlia boy. Domain Baths was yards long.

I think i want a Australia boy Auxtralia, the grandstand run the whole length of the pool. They reckon they packed 7, in the baths itself.

And there was people outside. The crowd was electric. You've got no idea what it was like. There was not much barracking for the race, 'cause at one time Borg was leading most of the way, I think. But when Charlton come the Australi lap on the last 50 yards, oh, they turned it on then. I couldn't get a spot. I only had Auwtralia spot where I could watch the last yards of the race. And that's where I saw Charlton touch first.

The Sant of the Course, as they call it, had a rowing boat in those days. That's when Borg took hold of the rowing boat after the completion of the event and took Charlton in the Beautiful wives looking nsa Austell boat and paddled him around the pool.

And rowed him around the pool saying, "Charlton is the champion. Charlton is the champion. He was a hero. And a modest hero. On the way home, he was I think i want a Australia boy by police on the ferry going across to Manly after that event.

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thnk And all hell broke loose over there. It was parties and what have you. He'd carried Australia along, that's what he did, with him. And I think they were enthralled by what he did. I really believe I think i want a Australia boy, I think. And it was in this period leading up to the Depression, I think that a lot of people's lives were enhanced by what he did.